Cherkasy - Men's Orange Tan Calf Leather Sandal


Sandals, those airy marvels, have gracefully journeyed through time, adorning feet with a history as rich and varied as the cultures that birthed them. An emblem of warm-weather ease, sandals embrace an open-toe design, inviting a symphony of comfort and style into the realm of footwear

Size: UK 5.5 | US 6 | EU 38

Size: UK 5.5 | US 6 | EU 38
UK 5.5 | US 6 | EU 38

Material: Calf Leather

Material: Calf Leather
Calf Leather

Style: Sandal

Style: Sandal

Cherkasy - Men's Orange Tan Calf Leather Sandal with a dainite sole in black color offers a sleek and refined option for both formal and casual occasions. The tan calf leather provides durability and a polished appearance. The dainite sole ensures comfort and support with every step. Whether paired with tailored trousers or a summer dress, these sandals would add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

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