Gomila Jodhpur A7

20,500 PKR
Gomila Jodhpur A7 made to order
The Gomila Jodhpur is a boot that makes one reminiscent of a culture and time gone by.
The design team at Gomila in collaboration with shoemakers from Northampton designed this Jodhpur to bring time back to the future.
We present to all the Gomila Aficionados the modern Jodhpur as worn by many a modern feet all over the major cosmopolitan cities in the world today.
For ever using the finest grade calf leather upper and linings. Hand finished in array of colour shades using our secret trade finishing recipes.
We have Blake stitched the Gomila Jodhpur with a leather rope welt onto an open channel in the highest selection cow leather sole. For our bespoke club members a treated rubber sole option is also available.

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