20,500 PKR

The Gomila “Destiner”

Who could have ever imagined that a Pakistani would be the first individual ever to conquer the K2 in treacherous merciless winter falling in the Hindu Kush.

Inspire by the unique achievements of the trio who performed the miracle of conquering the K2 in the brutal torrents of the icy winter.... we decided to name a boot in the memory of their human endeavour. It is indeed a search for their unique destiny that makes men and women accept unique challenges and achieve them

The Gomila “Destiner” is available in gorgeous calf upper leather and lining and a robust traditional commando sole.

Built to age and keep the razzle dazzle of fashion alive the Gomila “Destiner” is a unique boot that makes street fashion come alive and at the same time an endless classic.

We offer it with pride to our discerning patrons in a variety of fittings – E, F, G and H

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