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Gomila Intersole

Burlington In Oxblood Burgundy

Burlington In Oxblood Burgundy

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“Burlington” loafer finished to perfection with a hand woven strip exuding, luxury and sophistication.
Genuine hand woven loafer, where the weft and wharf have been placed in individual calf leather strips.

• 100% calf leather
• Leather lined 
• Any sole of your choice
• Any colour
Blake Stitched onto an open channel in the Masure cow leather out sole, the rope leather welt has been rolled and hand stitched to perfection.
A delight to the discerning eye of the connoisseur and a joy to wear the "Gomila Burlington Loafer" is the perfect example of the menage of man and machine working in harmony and producing a loafer of outstanding design, comfort and durability.


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