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Gomila Intersole

Awan A1

Awan A1

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Legend has it that the skin-inverted stitch was invented in the Southern Nubian city of Egypt.

We are also told that this was where the first hides were tanned and cured from which shoes were created to walk the rugged Nubian lands

Modern-day shoemakers taking heed of history reinvented the skin stitch and finally became known as an “Opanka” construction.

The Gomila “Awan” Opanka is living proof of the tradition and history of shoemaking which we are proud of. It gives us immense joy to present this unique construction in bench-grade leather sewn onto a soft cow leather sole with artisan fervor and panache….

Reversed fused tassels in Nubian black and burgundy with a matching rope leather burgundy welt make this contrast fusion of the Gomila Awan a unique shoe

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